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Three Great Types of Food for Rabbits

Maybe you are a pet rabbit owner, and if this is so, there is no doubt that you love your pet very much, finding him cute, adorable, and a really big part of your family. You might also know, however, that it is your own duty to take care of your pet, finding all the ways through which you can keep him healthy and happy. One of the most important things that one should pay mind to, then, is the food that he or she gives the rabbit, as bad food can really ruin his immune system and digestion, and make him prone to obesity and illness. One will be happy to know that it is not hard to find rabbit food that is not only of the best quality for their health, but is also really enjoyable for them to eat.

The first type of food that people should give their rabbits is timothy hay. If one’s rabbit is still very young – a year old or younger – he or she should feed him alfalfa hay, as this kind of hay is very rich, and it will help him to grow faster and develop well. Alfalfa hay, however, can tend to be too rich for adult bunnies, and because it can lead them to becoming overweight, timothy hay is the best for them.

Another thing that people should feed their rabbits if they want them to be healthy and happy is a number of very delicious and vitamin-rich vegetables. One will be happy to know that there is a very wide store of vegetables which are great for rabbits, and some of these include pumpkin, bell pepper, green tops, leafy greens, and radishes. It is indeed wonderful to know that rabbits will not only gain great health when they eat these vegetables, but they will also go crazy over them, and enjoy them very much.

Lastly, one who wants to give a rabbit a treat that he will love and enjoy, a treat that is also really healthy, should select from a long list of great fruits that really stand out. There are a number of great fruits that you can give your rabbit, and some of these include cherries, mangoes, kiwis, peaches and nectarines – these fruits are a great supplement to a rabbit’s diet, and there is no doubt that he will also go crazy over them.

One who is looking for the right kind of food for a healthier and happier rabbit, then, should try these great ingredients and see the difference they are able to make in a short time.

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