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Migraines: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options

Approximately 38 million human beings suffer from migraine headaches. Headaches that are caused by a migraine can vary in frequency and intensity. Due to the difference in migraines some people may need to see a doctor while other only need medication from over the counter to relieve their current body pains. One may experience some neck and head pains when they suffer from a migraine headache. Migraines most of the time will be accompanied by a sensitivity of light and sound, vomiting nausea and for some people impaired vision. One side of your head may feel pain, discomfort, and throbbing than the other side. Most people who suffer from migraines may be forced to skip school, work or other activity that will be carried out of the house in the dark until the pain disappears.

What causes my migraines? What leads to migraines? What makes one suffer from migraines? Abnormality of the brain activity leads to migraines. Migraines may affect a person who is between 10 to 45 years. The brain is first affected by the migraine attack, which causes the impact of different chemicals in the nerve pathway and the body. Types of my migraines. Varieties of my migraines . Migraines are not the same; hence people get affected in different ways. There two types of migraines, the aura and ocular migraines. Both migraines effects the sight, but ocular migraines occur on one side of someone’s eye while aura affects both. When someone is nauseated and later vomit it is brought because of an issue with the vision.

Different kind of medication for migraines. Patients who suffered from migraines cannot go through the same variety of treatment. Different patients react differently towards their treatment. One treatment that patients received is medication. Mild headaches may not need prescription unlike those whose a headache is severe it’s essential to have a prescription from her doctor. Triptans is a popular form of medication that patients who suffer from migraines can use to treat it. Another migraine treatment method is self-care. Efficient a patient who is able to learn how your body operates when they have a migraine headache, we are able to quickly and effectively take the right step to treat it. When there is a reduction of blood flow in your head and quell throbbing sensation that is linked to migrate one can apply ice cubes on their neck. A quiet and dark room can significantly help a patient to reduce sensitivity to light and sound.

Ways that someone can avoid having migraines. Working out is essential since it helps one keep away from migraines. Regular exercise especially those that increase blood flow circulation may be helpful to reduce the occurrence of migraines. sleeping for quality time. Having a productive mindset, feeling energized staying focused and are the benefits of having a good sleep.

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