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How Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises Can Help One Achieve Fitness

The aerobic type of exercise is achieved by the use of oxygenated blood to provide oxygen for muscles to work well. Aerobic exercise help in the increase of the rate at which the heart works and also in the breathing rate to ensure that everything during the exercise is sustained.

When done at high-level intensities, aerobic exercises can easily change to anaerobic since the supply of oxygen would be low that the one required by the body. Many roles are played by this kind of exercise in ensuring that the body fitness is maintained.

Aerobic exercises help ensure that the blood pressure level in a human body is maintained to the level that is meant to be and thus blood pressure is always kept at its normal; it can rise or reduce than required. Aerobic exercises help in the regulation of blood sugar since high levels and low levels of it are a threat to one’s body.

Aerobic exercises help reduce asthma symptoms and thus the health of a person’s life is enhanced. It is always a bad feeling when one lacks sleep at night and it may even result to stress by overthinking but with aerobic exercises, all this is solved as sleep is always enhanced and there can’t be any further struggle.

They also help in ensuring that one maintains a normal weight and the immune system is also strengthened. Aerobic exercises improve the way in which one’s brains functions and thus they are able to think and process information at a faster rate and also be less vulnerable to diseases like heart attack. They help in strengthening the heart as more blood is pumped at each beat. They also help in increasing the number of mitochondria in the body and their aerobic vs anaerobic activity. They need energy in order to be performed.

Anaerobic exercises are those that do not make use of oxygen when performed but are intense and result in the formation of the milk producing agent. The oxygen supply available for the body in anaerobic exercise is usually exceeded by the demanded oxygen.

With low oxygen supply in the body, there is always an added advantage to athletes since their strength and speed is enhanced. They are also used in building muscles and strengthening bones and also in bodybuilding. This type of exercise is key in one’s health enhancement through increased fat loss and also minimizing the chances of having broken bones.

For one to undergo anaerobic exercises, he/she must have been prepared to do so both mentally and physically.

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