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Approaching a Marijuana Dispensary

There are now more legal marijuana dispensaries out there than at any other time. It was not that long that we regarded it as something illegal. After the discovery of its medical applications, the laws allowing its distribution and consumption became affected, thus allowing such access. If this is your first time going to a marijuana dispensary; you need to know who to go about the process. Here are several pointers to help you along the process.

An attendant will start by asking you what help you need. This is to be expected, as it is in concept a retail outlet like any other. You should let them know why you are there, and what your aim is from the visit. You also need to tell them if you are not sure of what to choose, or what works for you. They have been trained and are experienced enough to help you make the right choices.

Expect them to s you if you ever used marijuana products before. If you have, they shall probe further. You will need to tell them how that experience was, how much you enjoyed it, and what method of consumption you used during that session. For those who never have, their questions shall be different. You need to be open about the experience you are seeking. This focuses on what happens after you have taken the marijuana. Marijuana has been known to make different people feel different things. There are those which will add more energy, others which will relax you, and other which combine both reactions. You need to go for something mild if this is your first time. If you came for medical reasons such as pain or insomnia, you need to be clear about this too. They shall find something suitable or it. This shall be the case for those who are thorough with the details of their case, and their present condition.

You also need to know more about your tolerance levels. This means that if you are a new user, they shall start you off with something mild, to establish a baseline. You need to know that you shall be getting something with minimal THC levels in it. THC is the component of marijuana responsible for the psychoactive reactions.
You shall also be asked which method you prefer for consuming the marijuana. You will have the choice to smoke it, vaporize it, eat it, apply it on your skin as a lotion, to name a few options.

Your answers shall help them give you the right types of marijuana products. They will make sure you leave after understanding everything you need to.

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