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DIY Challenge Coin Holders for Displaying the Coins

You will notice that challenge coins are not popular in all countries that is why some people do not recognize them. Initially, these coins were only given to the people in the military. It is also important to note that these coins were used as a sign of pride for platoons. It is important to realize that these coins are being known to people as time pass by. It is important to realize that several ways exist for displaying these mints. These coins can be displayed at home, put in the pocket or put in ribbon like medal. You will realize that there are people who do not know how to about this. However, there are holders that can be used to support these coins. View here to understand some of the ways.

One of the DIY challenge coin holders is the shadow frame. It is necessary that you acquire a shadow frame from the nearest art market. Once you have this, it is required that you have some poster board and a piece of cloth. It is important to note that one should then cut the piece of cloth almost the same as the cardboard in size. However, it is required that you leave a small allowance at least half or one inch at the edge.

Once this is done, it is required that you have the fabric around the poster card and you can use a glue run to have it in place. One is supposed to ensure that all the hanging piece of cloths are fixed at the backside of the cardboard. It is encouraged that you have a smooth finishing at the front of the holder. It is important to remember that one can also use a staple to serve the same purpose as the glue.

You are supposed to know that one is required to have the mints in the shadow box. You are expected to put the coin above the cardboard and place a frame above it. After this, you are expected to hold the frame in place and turn it over. You will notice that it is then easy to hang the mints as you desire. You should know that one will make a few trials before perfectly in this. It is also important to note that one can also coin a holder from wood. This option allows you to hold as many coins as possible.

The activity is better done between a father and son or grandfather and son since it can create a bonding opportunity. It is important to note that you will need a thick piece of wood; as thick as the thickest challenge wood available. It is expected that you place the coin against the wood to help you to know how big the display would be. It is then required that you shape the wood as desired.

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